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Sex - engelska

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Overview - Sex

Sexual desire

Most people are born with a body which can feel desire and get horny. Desire can be felt within the entire body. It can feel like a tingling and pulsating sensation in both your sexual organs and other areas of your body.


Masturbation means that you have sex with yourself. For instance, you might caress your sexual organ or other parts of your body. It’s not bad to masturbate. You decide yourself if you want to do it.

Having sex with someone

It’s important that it feels good and is pleasant for everyone when you have sex with someone. What feels good for one person might be uncomfortable for another person. Listen to how the other person would like to have sex. Describe or show what feels good to you. Speak up if something is uncomfortable.

Slideshow: What is okay sex?

Here you can learn what is allowed, what is illegal, and what may be illegal in certain situations.

Film: How to put on a condom

Hi, we're going to show you how to put on a condom!

Diseases that are passed on through having sex

Venereal diseases can be passed on when you have sex with someone. Get tested if you think that you may have caught a venereal disease. There is medication that can help available. It is often free.

Slideshow: Birth control

There are many ways to prevent yourself from getting pregnant. This slideshow will show you the most common methods of contraception.

Protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases

A condom is the most common form of protection to reduce the risk of Sexually transmitted diseases (STD's) when when you have sexual intercourse. It is best if you and the person you are going to have sex with talk about protection before you have sex. Both of you are responsible for providing protection from STD's.

Selling sex - to have sex and get paid for it

Selling sex means that someone pays you to do a sexual act. You might do this voluntarily or because you feel forced to do it. If you have experienced this, you can get help and support.

Film: Football, periods and sex

Maryam is in so much pain during her period that she has to miss football practice. Amanda’s had sex for the first time and is worried that she might be pregnant.

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