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Tobacco, alcohol, drugs

Tobak alkohol droger - engelska

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Overview - Tobacco, alcohol, drugs

  • Smoking

    The smoke from cigarettes contains many toxic substances. Smoking can cause all sorts of harm and diseases. You can become addicted to smoking, but it is possible to stop.

  • To stop smoking

    Here are a number of tips to successfully stop smoking. When you stop smoking, you might feel a strong craving for cigarettes. The craving will only last for a few minutes – which can be good to know.

  • Slideshow: What happens to your body when you stop smoking?

    Here is a slideshow that shows what happens to your body when you stop smoking. Note: Contains images of naked bodies!

  • Alcohol

    Various drinks contain alcohol. Many people drink alcohol because they enjoy it or like the taste. But alcohol can also damage your body, and drinking too much or too often can cause problems.

  • Drinking too much or too often

    This text is about having problems with alcohol. You’re drinking too much or too often, if alcohol is affecting your life in a big way. You can get help to stop drinking alcohol.

  • Drugs

    A drug is a substance that is harmful and addictive. Taking drugs can often lead you to problems in life. You can get help to stop using drugs.

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