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Tillgänglighet - engelska

We want everyone to be able to access the content on Youmo. Texts, images, videos and code are created to be accessible to as many users as possible.

Here, we describe how Youmo.se complies with the Digital Services Act (lagen om tillgänglighet till digital offentlig service), and what accessibility problems we are aware that the site has. Youmo.se does not meet all the criteria in the existing accessibility standard, WCAG. But we are constantly working to improve the accessibility of the site.

The websites Youmo.se and UMO.se are opearted by Inera AB. 

Contact us at UMO if you experience any problems with the site, or if you have any suggestions for how we can develop and improve the accessibility of Youmo.se.

How we test Youmo.se

Youmo.se is reviewed based on various accessibility guidelines, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1, WCAG 2.1, the guidelines at webbriktlinjer.se, and requirements from Funka.

We test the site with various tools, such as screen readers, keyboard navigation tools, and magnification tools. The tests are conducted by those of us working with Youmo.se and external reviewers.

How accessible is Youmo.se?

Youmo.se largely complies with the Digital Services Act. This means that the site is mainly level AA in the WCAG 2.1 standard.

A description of which Youmo.se content is not accessible is found below.

General deficiencies

There is HTML code that does not validate.

Problems when used by persons without visual acuity

  • There are icons that do not describe to screen readers what a particular button, link, or feature does.
  • There is irrelevant code that is read out by screen readers.
  • The tab order is not always logical. This may make it more difficult for users with a screen reader.
  • All texts that describe images are in Swedish.

Problems when used by persons with visual impairment

  • The contrast of some icons is too low against the background.

Problems when used by persons with reduced mobility

  • The tab order is illogical in some cases.
  • Tab marking is unclear.

Content that is not accessible

  • No videos produced before 23 September 2020 have audio descriptions.
  • All videos are subtitled in Swedish, but there are videos that are not subtitled in the relevant language. 

Contact us

We constantly strive to improve the accessibility of Youmo.se. Please contact us if you discover any problem that is not described here, or if you think we do not meet legal requirements.

You can also contact us if you need information from the site in some other format. 

Please contact us via the form on this page of UMO.se. We can receive comments in Swedish and English.


The Agency for Digital Government, DIGG, has supervisory responsibility in relation to the Digital Services Act. Please contact them if you have reached out to us and are not satisfied with how we have handled your comments.

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