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An abortion is the early ending of a pregnancy. You decide yourself if you want to have an abortion if you are pregnant. There is no age limit for having an abortion. If you have an abortion, it will be just as easy for you to become pregnant again in the future.

ArticleFilm: I've stopped selling sex and taking drugs

This story was sent to Youmo by a young person.

JagMy family doesn't accept homosexuality or how I dress. Help!

I can't be myself in my family. They don't accept that I dress in tight clothes. They don't think it's right for me because I'm a boy. When I've worn clothing that I like, I've been yelled at and threatened.

ArticleFilm: Have you experienced something frightening?

Have you been through something frightening? In that case, you may feel frightened for a long time afterwards. You might need help, to feel safe again.

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