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Seeking help

Att ta hjälp - engelska

In the menu below, you will find texts and pictures about how to get help.

Overview - Seeking help

  • Films: Youth Guidance Centre

    Maryam is in a lot of pain when she has her period. Alex doesn’t really feel like a girl, but instead feels more like a guy. Emil's never talked to anyone about how bad he feels. Simon's worried that he won’t get an erection when it’s time to have sex. Amanda’s worried that she might be pregnant. Aliyah and Reza are worried that Reza’s family won’t accept their relationship.

  • Youth Guidance Centre

    You can visit a Youth Guidance Centre if you have questions about your body, sex or birth control. You can also visit the clinic if you are feeling anxious or depressed and need someone to talk to.

  • Support if you face threats or violence from your family because of your sexual orientation or gender identity

    Is your family afraid of losing their honour because you are gay, bisexual, trans or queer?

  • How to get health care

    Everyone who lives in Sweden has the right to get health care when they need it. Call 112 if you or someone else has a life-threatening injury or illness.

  • Health care for those who are asylum seekers or without a valid visa or residency permit

    Those who are asylum seekers or without a valid visa or residency permit allowing them to be in Sweden, have the right to receive certain types of health and dental care when they are in need of it.

  • Confidentiality and Professional Secrecy

    The professionals that you have contact with at a health clinic are not allowed to talk about you with anyone or release written information from the clinic about you to anyone. This is called confidentiality. All professionals who work in health and medical care are legally obliged to follow confidentiality rules and regulations.

  • Making a police report

    You should make a police report if you think that you have been a part of something illegal, or if you have witnessed a crime.

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