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Masturbation means that you have sex with yourself. For instance, you might caress your sexual organ or other parts of your body. It’s not bad to masturbate. You decide yourself if you want to do it.

Most people masturbate now and then. Some people do it every day, other people don’t do it that often. Some people never masturbate. This can change over time.

You might discover that it feels good to touch different parts of your body when you are a child. Most people begin masturbating when they are in their teens or when they are adults.

You might masturbate because you are curious about your body. You might masturbate because you are horny and want to have an orgasm. When you masturbate, you learn what feels good for you. You can then tell a sex partner if you want to. You can masturbate even if you in a relationship with someone.

Masturbating helps you relax and sleep well. This is good, for instance, if you are stressed.

You decide yourself if you want to masturbate or not.

Mittenpartiet på en kropp klädd i jeans. Personen sträcker ner sin hand i byxorna, som har öppen gylf. Illustration.

It is not harmful to masturbate.

Masturbating is not bad or illegal, as long as it makes you feel good. Masturbating will not affect your body or your health in any way. Masturbating does not affect your ability to get pregnant or to make someone else pregnant. The sperm in the scrotum never run out.

Masturbating does not have any affect on the vagina. Nothing in the vagina will crack or break if you, for instance, put your fingers inside. No one can see that you have masturbated; not even a midwife or a doctor. 

How do you masturbate?

You should feel horny for masturbation to feel good. When you are horny, more blood comes to your sexual organ. This means that you get an erection. The vagina swells and becomes wetter. One or more drops can come from the urethra of the penis.

There are many different ways to masturbate. Try different ways to find out what you think feels good. Touch your body to find places where you are extra sensitive.

Many people like to caress their sex organ and the area around it. The skin is thin and sensitive in that area. You can caress other parts of the body at the same time.

The most common way, if you are a girl, is to caress your clitoris or the area around the clitoris with your fingers. You can also put fingers or something else inside your vagina or anus.

The most common way, if you are a boy, is to hold your hand around your penis and move your hand up and down over the head of your penis. You can also put your penis inside something or put something in your anus.

You can masturbate at the same time as you fantasize, read, listen or watch things that make you horny.

Everyone feels differently about caressing and other ways of touching. You sensitivity can be affected by, for example, if you have a functional variation or physical injury. This might affect the way you masturbate. Try to find what feels best for you. There are aids and sex toys  that can make sex feel better.

At UMO there are tips with pictures of how you can masturbate. 

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