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Cookie management

Hantering av kakor, cookies - engelska

Youmo.se uses cookies to, among other things, remember which language you selected and whether you want to see sensitive images or not.

Cookies are small text files that contain information about visits to a website. They are stored on the computer, mobile phone or tablet you use when you visit the website. Cookies are used on most sites, and are not harmful to your computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Examples of what Youmo uses cookies for

Cookies are used for the option of hiding sensitive images. This will not work if you do not allow cookies.
Cookies are used to remember which language you selected. You will have to select the language each time if you do not allow cookies.
Cookies are used to provide us with statistics on how the sites are used, such as how visitors move between pages. The statics are valuable because they help us improve the site. They are used in the form of anonymous and aggregated information that does not identify you as a person.

You can opt out of cookies

If you wish, you can turn off cookies in your browser settings. You can also set your browser to ask for permission each time a cookie is sent to your computer, mobile phone or tablet. You can also choose to allow cookies for specific web pages. You can delete previously stored cookies from your hard drive at any time.

These are the cookies we use

How we handle new cookies

We review the cookies used at regular intervals. New cookies that have not been managed previously may be added from time to time, but these will be classified based on their purpose and function.

If the changes require new consent from you, you will receive a notification.

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