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Dölj ditt besök - engelska

Do you not want other people to see which websites you have visited or what you have searched for? Here, you can find out what you can do.

Mobile phones, computers and tablets remember which websites you have visited.

How to delete saved information

There are different ways to delete saved information depending on how you surf the web. It depends on whether you use a mobile phone, computer or tablet, and which browser you are using.

Start by opening the menu in your browser to clear the information. On a mobile phone or tablet, the menu is usually at the bottom of the browser. On a computer, the menu is usually at the top right corner. The menu usually has a symbol that can look like this:

  • three dots
  • three bars
  • an open book
  • a gear.

After opening the menu, click on the word History or a symbol that looks like a clock. This will usually open a list of the web pages you have visited.

You can delete all information or choose which web pages you want to delete. You do this by selecting the pages you want to delete before clicking on Clear or Delete.

Some browsers give you some options for what type of information should be deleted. Select “Clear browsing data” or the equivalent option if you want to delete all of the pages that you have visited. You can also choose to delete so-called cookies that have been saved. Read more information about cookies in Swedish at UMO.se.

You can surf without information being saved

With private browsing, you can visit different websites without your mobile phone or computer registering them. This is called Private browsing or Incognito mode in the browser.

Information in social media    

It is not just browsers that save information. Social media and some websites that you have logged into also save information. For example, they might save information about what you have searched for. You can usually delete this information in the page settings or in the app settings.

There are videos on Youtube that show you how to delete information from your web browser and social media, and how to surf privately on different types of browsers and phones, tablets and computers.

Why is information saved when I surf?

This is done so that the web page will load faster the next time you visit it. It is called caching.

It can save time and be a good thing. But, other people using the same mobile phone, computer or tablet will be able to see the information. You therefore have to delete all of the saved information if you want to keep it private.

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