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Sexual desire

Sexlust - engelska

Most people are born with a body which can feel desire and get horny. Desire can be felt within the entire body. It can feel like a tingling and pulsating sensation in both your sexual organs and other areas of your body.

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Some people think about sex a lot. Other people do not think about sex as often. It is especially common to think about things related to sex during adolescence. There is nothing wrong with thinking about sex or feeling horny.

Sexual desire can vary

It is common to feel extra interested in sex if you are relaxed and feel well. Perhaps you feel sexual desire towards someone that you, however you can also you can feel desire without having romantic feelings. For most people, sexual desire feels good.

Fantasizing about sex

It is common to fantasize about sex. Some people create entire stories about sex in their thoughts. Having fantasies can mean that you want to play out your fantasies in real life, but it doesn’t necessarily need to mean this. You can fantasize about anything you want. Lots of people fantasize, while they caress themselves.

You can explore your own body

There are sensitive places over the entire body. Let your hands explore your body and find the places which feel good to touch.

When you enjoy something sexually, feelings of tension and excitement build up within your body. It feels good.

You can read more about how to explore and enjoy your body in the text on masturbation.

What happens inside the body?

When you are horny, more blood reaches your sexual organs. The labia and clitoris swell. The vagina produces a fluid which makes it wet. The vagina opens and becomes deeper.

The penis swells and becomes hard. The scrotum pulls together and becomes more compact. A small amount of clear fluid often comes from the penis and makes the tip of the penis moist.

Your heart beats faster, you breathe more quickly and your skin becomes warm. When you are at the peak of your arousal, you can feel dizzy and tingly. It can almost feel as though the ground is moving.

The body can react on its own accord

You can get an erection or become wet in the vaginal area without feeling horny. This can happen at night, for instance when you are sleeping and dreaming. This is a way for your body to practice.

Sometimes you can feel horny for no reason. It can feel like your body is living a life of its own if you get an erection or become extra wet without knowing why.

Sometimes you can be horny without having an erection or becoming wet and swollen. This is not unusual and can be because you are feeling stressed or nervous.

Video about lust and pleasure

This is a video about lust and pleasure, by RFSU.

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