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I often watch porn

Jag brukar titta på porr - engelska


I often watch porn. Am I allowed to do that? Sometimes it doesn’t feel so good.


It’s not illegal to look at porn that involves adults. But it is illegal to look at, possess or distribute porn involving people under the age of 18. 

Porn tends to show body types and sex in a way that doesn’t really match with reality. Porn often depicts degrading or violent acts against women.

It’s illegal to be violent towards another person or to force someone to have sex with you. 

It can feel both arousing and wrong to look at porn. If you look at porn a lot, it can affect how you think sex should be or what you think different people might enjoy. It can also affect the way you feel. Looking at porn makes many people feel bad. 

Do you want to talk to somebody about this, or get help to stop looking at porn? Contact a Youth Guidance Centre, or call the helpline PrevenTell on 020-667788.

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