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Feeling bad

Att må dåligt - engelska

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Overview - Feeling bad

When you don’t feel well

Everyone feels bad sometimes. This may be because something tough has happened or because you are worried about something that is going to happen. But sometimes you may feel bad without knowing why. There are things you can do to make yourself feel better. You can also get help to feel better.

Slideshow: Stress, depression, anxiety, PTSD

Different ways of feeling bad emotionally are described here. Do you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions?

Film: Have you experienced something frightening?

Have you been through something frightening? In that case, you may feel frightened for a long time afterwards. You might need help, to feel safe again.

Film: Tips for feeling better

Did you know that you can do things yourself for your well-being and to feel happy and have more energy? Here are four tips!

Film: No one can handle being around me

Emil gets mad easily, and often feels his heart racing and chest pains. He’s never talked to anyone about how bad he feels.

Film: I've stopped selling sex and taking drugs

This story was sent to Youmo by a young person.

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