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Overview - Me

  • Sexual orientation and LGBTQI

    Sexual orientation is about the gender of the people you fall in love with and are attracted to. You have the right to love and be together with whoever you want.

  • Equality

    Girls and boys shall have the same rights and opportunities. Society isn’t equal yet, but there are laws and plans about how to make it equal.

  • Human rights

    Human rights protect your right to live a good life. You have the right to education and health care. You have the right to be treated fairly and the right to flee to another country if you are in danger.

  • My family doesn't accept homosexuality or how I dress. Help!

    I can't be myself in my family. They don't accept that I dress in tight clothes. They don't think it's right for me because I'm a boy. When I've worn clothing that I like, I've been yelled at and threatened.

  • Film: I think I'm a guy

    Alex has questions about how things will be when their body develops. Alex doesn’t really feel like a girl, but instead feels more like a guy.

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