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Having sex with someone

Att ha sex med någon - engelska

It’s important that it feels good and is pleasant for everyone when you have sex with someone. What feels good for one person might be uncomfortable for another person. Listen to how the other person would like to have sex. Describe or show what feels good to you. Speak up if something is uncomfortable.

Två personer på en säng tittar på varandra och tänker "shit, nu händer det!"

How do you start?

It’s normal that you want to kiss, hug and caress someone you want to have sex with. Many people like to kiss and caress for a long time.

If everything feels good, maybe your body will get ready to have sex. You can read about what happens in your body in the text about sexual desire.

You might feel that you want to do more sexual things. For instance, it might feel good to touch stimulating parts of each other’s bodies. It might feel good to caress someone and be caressed with your clothes on.

We have many places on our bodies where it feels good to be caressed and kissed. Here are some examples:

  • The throat and neck.
  • The lips.
  • The stomach.
  • On the inside of the thighs.
  • On the breasts.

You can ask the other person what feels good, and you can tell them what you like. Maybe you will want to take off your clothes and continue exploring each other’s bodies.

Sex the first time

If you haven’t had sex with someone, maybe you have wondered what it would be like to have sex. Some people are afraid of doing the wrong thing. But there are many different ways to explore sex.

It doesn’t matter if everything isn’t the way you imagined. Sex is something that you can work on all your life. What is important is that you and the person you have sex with listen to each other. Sex should feel good for everyone. You should stop if it doesn’t feel good.

It’s important to think about protecting yourself from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases if you decide to have sexual intercourse.

What is okay sex?

Here you can learn what is allowed, what is illegal, and what may be illegal in certain situations.

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