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The body

Slide show: Nothing covers the entrance of the vagina

Bildspel: Det finns ingen mödomshinna - engelska

There is no way to tell that you’ve had sex or used a tampon just by looking at or touching your vagina. Most girls don’t bleed the first time they have sex because there is nothing covering the entrance of the vagina.

A video about the vaginal corona, by RFSU

This is a video by RFSU.

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Film: You decide over your body

Every person has the right to make decisions regarding their own body. This is a human right. But what does it mean?


The vulva and vagina

Here you can read about the different parts of the vulva and vagina, and learn more about how your vulva and vagina work. The vulva and vagina are great parts of your body that can urinate, have periods, have sex, give birth to children and give enjoyment.


Can my family decide everything about my life?

Your parents or legal guardians have responsibility for you until you reach the age of 18. But they aren’t allowed to decide everything. You have the right to be present and make decisions that affect your life. Get help from someone else if you feel that your family wants to decide on or control your life.

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