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Feeling bad

I’m sad and worried about my family

Jag är ledsen och orolig för min familj - engelska


Hi. I’m worried about my family members, who are still in my home country, and I think about them very often. What can I do when I feel so sad and worried?


It’s not strange that you feel sad and worried when your family members are still in your home country and you are here in Sweden. Most people would feel the same way as you do in those difficult situations.

It can be easier to deal with difficult feelings like these if you take good care of yourself. Here are some tips:

  • Try to do things that you think are enjoyable and that help you relax, even if you are feeling down. You need to take a break from difficult feelings sometimes to be able to deal with these feelings later on.
  • Be kind and respectful to yourself. This is important when you find yourself in a difficult situation: when you’re here and your family isn’t.
  • Try to eat well and get enough sleep. This is important for your well-being.  Contact a health clinic (vårdcentral) if you have problems sleeping. You can get sleep medication or other kinds of help if you need it.
  • Exercise. Go for a walk every day, for example. When you do this, your body releases chemicals that are very helpful if you are worried or sad.
  • If you’re at school, continue attending. It is a good idea to keep busy during the daytime.

You can also seek help at a Youth Guidance Centre (ungdomsmottagning). You can talk to someone there about your well-being, your feelings and thoughts. This can be good for you.

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