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The body

Film: Football, periods and sex

Film: Fotboll, mens och sex - engelska

Maryam is in so much pain during her period that she has to miss football practice. Amanda’s had sex for the first time and is worried that she might be pregnant.

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Maryam is in a lot of pain when she has her period. Alex doesn’t really feel like a girl, but instead feels more like a guy. Emil's never talked to anyone about how bad he feels. Simon's worried that he won’t get an erection when it’s time to have sex. Amanda’s worried that she might be pregnant. Aliyah and Reza are worried that Reza’s family won’t accept their relationship.


Slide show: Nothing covers the entrance of the vagina

There is no way to tell that you’ve had sex or used a tampon just by looking at or touching your vagina. Most girls don’t bleed the first time they have sex because there is nothing covering the entrance of the vagina.


Slideshow: What is a menstrual period?

This slideshow will explain what happens in your body when you get your period.

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