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Does sex feel the same for males and females?

Är sex lika skönt för killar och tjejer? - engelska


I wonder if sex feels the same for males and females? Is it equally as enjoyable for both?


I would like to answer your questions in two ways. Either, “Yes, sex is equally as enjoyable for both males and females” or “Nobody really knows the answer to that”. I’ll explain what I mean.

Both males and females can enjoy sex, can have an orgasm and feel sexual desire. So, in that sense, there is no difference between males and females.

However, it’s hard to say whether something is equally as enjoyable for two people. Imagine that two people eat a dish they both like. Do both people think that it tastes equally as good? Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. But the most important thing is that both people enjoy the food.

To enjoy sex, you might need to show the other person what you like and also listen to what they think feels good. Not everyone likes the same things.

One way to show what you like is to tell the other person when they do something that feels good. For instance, you could say, “I really like it when you do that”. You could also make suggestions and say, “Is it okay for you to stroke me here?” or “Can you do it like this, I really like that?”

You can also ask what the other person likes, for instance, “Is there something special you’d like me to do?” or “Does this feel good?”

Above all, I think the experience of sex can be different on different occasions. Sometimes it feels wonderful and other times maybe just okay. It is like this for everyone. 

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