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I paid for sex, and now I feel bad about it

Jag betalade för sex, och nu känns det inte bra - engelska


I paid for a girl to give me a blowjob. I enjoyed it, but now I feel bad about it. I’m worried about whether I might have caught a sexually transmitted infection? 


Yes, you could have caught a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Some STIs can be transmitted during oral sex. You can find out whether you have an STI by going and getting yourself tested. You can get yourself tested at a Youth Guidance Centre or at a Health Clinic. 

You did something illegal when you paid for the girl to give you a blowjob. It’s a crime which you can legally be punished for, to give money or anything else in exchange for sex. It doesn’t matter what kind of sex it is. It doesn’t matter where it happens. It doesn’t matter how you get in contact or whether you know each other. 

Paying for sex can cause all different sorts of emotions. It can feel enjoyable, exciting or wrong. Some people feel bad afterwards, just like you have described. You might be thinking that the girl wouldn’t have wanted to give you a blowjob, if you hadn’t paid her. 

Would you like to talk to somebody about having paid for sex, or get help to stop paying for sex? Talk to the person who does your STI test. You can also get help by contacting social services or by calling the helpline PrevenTell on 020-667788. 

Talking to someone about your bad feelings can help to make you feel better. 

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