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When my mother goes to the doctor I have to go with her, but I don’t want to miss school

Jag måste följa med mamma till läkaren men vill inte missa skolan - engelska


I missed an important test in school because I had to go with my mother to see the doctor. My mother is unwell and can’t speak Swedish to the doctor without me. I don’t want to miss any more school. But how can I help my mother?


I understand that you want to help your mother, and that you don’t want to miss any more at school.

Your mother has the right to an interpreter if needed, to be able to understand the information given to her and so that she can be understood by the health care professionals. An interpreter can be with your mother at the doctor’s instead of you.

An interpreter is a person who understands and speaks your mother’s native language. The interpreter will translate everything your mother says to the doctor and everything that the doctor says to your mother.

You can help your mother to ask for an interpreter next time she has to go and see the doctor. Contact the health centre that your mother will be going to, preferably as soon as she gets an appointment. Tell them that your mother needs an interpreter, and which language she speaks. The staff at the health centre will then organise an interpreter.

If you would like to, you can talk to your teacher about the test you missed. Explain why you missed the test. Sometimes, you can take a test at a later time, if you have a good reason for missing it.

You can also go to the counsellor at your school, if you would like to talk with someone about your mother not being well. You can talk about what it feels like for you, when your mother is ill. The school counsellor is used to supporting young people in situations like yours. 

Click here to find out more about what an interpreter can help you with. 

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