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Human trafficking

Människohandel - engelska

Human trafficking is when one or more people exploit you to get money. For example, they might force you to sell sex, steal, work or sell drugs.

En person sitter med allvarlig min i baksätet på en bil, och ser ut genom fönstret.

They may have lied to you about what your job would be, or about what life would be like. It’s normal to feel scared and threatened.

Some examples of human trafficking are:

  • A person says they will give you somewhere to sleep. To be allowed to sleep there, you have to sell drugs.
  • A person says that they can get you a job in another country. They organise your travel and somewhere to stay. Once you get to the new country, you are forced to have sex with other people and are sexually assaulted. They don’t let you have very much money.

Human trafficking is a crime

People who trick others or force them to sell sex can be sent to jail. In such cases, it’s also illegal to help with things like giving rides or arranging for somewhere to sleep.

It may seem really hard to get out of this situation because you need the person who helped you, or you are frightened.  

If you have sold sex or been a victim of human trafficking, you have the right to get help. It doesn't matter if you like the person who is exploiting you. It doesn’t matter if you knew from the start that you would be selling sex. It’s the person exploiting you who is doing something wrong, not you.

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