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Seeking help

Reliable information about the coronavirus and vaccination

Pålitlig information om covid-19 och om vaccination - engelska

We have listed tips, films and links to good and reliable information. Some are available in many languages, some are only available in Swedish.

Information you can trust

You can trust the information on these websites. They spread no false rumors. If you can't find the information you are searching for, call the national information number 113 13. 

Talk to someone if you´re feeling worried

If you are feeling worried, it is always good to tell someone how you feel. You can talk to a friend, a parent, a teacher or an other adult that you trust. 

There are also places you can call, email or chat with (in Swedish on UMO.se).

More on Youmo

ArticleWhen you don’t feel well

Everyone feels bad sometimes. This may be because something tough has happened or because you are worried about something that is going to happen. But sometimes you may feel bad without knowing why. There are things you can do to make yourself feel better. You can also get help to feel better.

ArticleYouth Guidance Centre

You can visit a Youth Guidance Centre if you have questions about your body, sex or birth control. You can also visit the clinic if you are feeling anxious or depressed and need someone to talk to.

ArticleHow to get health care

Everyone who lives in Sweden has the right to get health care when they need it. Call 112 if you or someone else has a life-threatening injury or illness.

ArticleHealth care for those who are asylum seekers or without a valid visa or residency permit

Those who are asylum seekers or without a valid visa or residency permit allowing them to be in Sweden, have the right to receive certain types of health and dental care when they are in need of it.

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